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to Thousands of Women Planning Celebrations

Celebrating our 30th Season

Meet Thousands of Women responsible for the planning of every Celebration, Social Gathering and Corporate Event

The Ultimate Women’s Expo delivers women all searching for the best professionals, resources and services designed to transform their next social event and celebration, including event planners, party venues, balloons and décor, event locations, party buses, theme parties, destination events, invitations and much more.  We make it easy to find this lucrative, hard-to-reach market by delivering them right to your booth. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to gain immediate new clients in one weekend!


The Ultimate Power of Just One Event

Hear What Our Exhibitors Have to Say…WATCH THESE 2 VIDEOS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Take 2 minutes to watch our recap videos from last season, and see feedback firsthand from entrepreneurs and companies that rely on the Ultimate Women’s Expo for immediate exposure to their core demographic of new, loyal repeat clients.  

Each year, THE VERY BEST BRANDS AND COMPANIES rely on The Ultimate Women’s Expo to deliver thousands of women with extraordinary spending power. Click the video and let the experience of other exhibitors say it best; when it comes to sales and results, it’s the Ultimate Women’s Expo.

When Referrals, Your Website and Social Media Aren't Enough...

Our exhibitors are talented entrepreneurs, but they don’t have time to sit back and hope that new clients find them...

When our exhibitors launch their business, they have two options, sit back and hope something about their website or social media stands out more than the millions of others, or embrace faith over fear and share their creative expertise in creating memorable events for their clients as they meet directly to a highly targeted demographic of women, arriving to the Ultimate Women’s Expo ready to make decisions. Our exhibitors prefer the second option, they are proactively building new, loyal clients at the Ultimate Women’s Expo.

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The Ultimate DECISION Makers Regarding Parties, Social Events & Celebrations...

Arriving with the Motivation and Financial Means to Make Immediate Purchasing Decisions

Each season, a targeted audience of tens of thousands of Women arrive to The UWE Women’s Expo to find the best in Entertainment Options, Special Event Planners, Unique Party Venues, Destinations and Ideas to transform their next life celebration.  Click the video and let their experience come to life; when it comes to marketing and results, it’s the Ultimate Women’s Expo.